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The Truth Behind Home Security

To protect against home invaders, most homeowners are purchasing home security systems from contractors to protect their home and families. Itís easy to see that a specialist in home security will know what a homeowner needs to feel safe and secure and that specialist should be able to provide the services they need. Whether they are used to install a local alarm, install a system that notifies an alarm center or uses foot and mobile patrols around the neighborhood will be determined by the level of service desired as well as the surrounding neighborhood. Of course a home security service will offer to answer any alarms and theyíll usually attempt to get a hold of someone at the protected property.

In those cases when they canít reach anyone by phone to confirm the security code, they will notify the police or other respondents. When necessary, the security company contacts the police department, fire department or ambulance service and offers information about the particular circumstances. By doing this it provides home protection, and prevents false alarms. Most communities do not look kindly on excessive false alarms and often fine the homeowner and sometimes the alarm company as well. 

Most home security companies will provide alarm equipment at no charge when the homeowner agrees to a contract that allows the company to monitor the system. Itís not uncommon for security companies to do a home analysis and provide recommendations on securing your home.

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Everyone knows that even the high-end alarm systems can be beaten by a real pro, but with proper planning and the right equipment, your odds are much better. Having your system installed by a pro is the best idea, particularly if you choose a company that understands your homeís weak security points. Homes in the country with no nearby neighbors are often a target as they represent several potential points of entry with little chance of being seen from the street. Ask your home security firm to tell you where you should put detectors to give you the best chance at deterring burglars. Of course, homeowners want to be certain that the home security services company they choose is an honest one and not just a front for a burglary ring.

Interesting Home Security Facts:

  • Many alarm panels are equipped with a backup dialer capability for use when the primary PSTN circuit is not functioning.
  • High-security alarms may require multiple codes, or a fingerprint, badge, hand-geometry, retinal scan, encrypted response generator, and other means that are deemed sufficiently secure for the purpose.

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